New Members must either take a course of lessons before joining and show that they are safe and sensible OR they must be competent archers – that’s to say, already members of the Grand National Archery Society, or have satisfactorily completed a proper course of instruction by a recognised body. All members and beginners under instruction must abide by the GNAS Rules of Shooting and follow all safety requirements and any / all directions of the site owners.

Once started, members can get support and more advanced training in several ways:

  • Club Coaches can assist with technical and shooting skills to at least ”Bowman’ level
  • Club Members can give ‘Buddy’ support and all kinds of specialist technical help
  • Workshops and advanced training is available from the County Coach Network
  • Archers with special needs can be referred to Regional and National Support Groups with access to special training, facilities and Grant money
  • Archers, both able-bodied and para, who show particular ability can be referred for Elite Coaching by ArcheryGB