252 Round

The 252 scheme consists of shooting 3 dozen arrows at increasing distances with a 9-based scoring (5 zone).
When a score of 252 or more is achieved twice, a quiver badge is awarded displaying the distance and the legend 252.
The badges are available at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 80 and 100 yard distances.

So your average recurve arrow score needs to be 7 (252 divided by 36 arrows).

We have a special 252 Round score sheet on the score sheets page, although you can also achieve the award when shooting any outdoor round where you have scored 252 or more at a set distance with your first 36 arrows. You only need to achieve this score twice to obtain the badge.

Your first 252 badge will be presented to you free of charge. Once you increase your 252 distance to the next level of badge you must hand in your current badge to receive your newly achieved score badge.

If you want to collect and keep all your 252 badges or you need a replacement badge, extra badges are priced at £2 each.

If you are shooting a different bow type to Recurve there are different scores for you, please see the table below:

Distance (yds) Recurve CompoundLongbowBarebow